Expert Sets

The experts at The Henry Ford have carefully created these sets. Explore a specific topic or use these as a foundation for building your own collection.

The experts at The Henry Ford have carefully created these sets. Explore a specific topic or use these as a foundation for building your own collection.

Just Added to Our Digital Collections

Created 07.22.2021 | 17 artifacts

Browse selected artifacts recently added to The Henry Ford's digital collections. These are just a handful of the nearly 700 new items digitized in July 2021.

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Featured on The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation: Season 7

Created 06.24.2021 | 26 artifacts

These key artifacts appeared on the seventh season of The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation. For episode information, please visit

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From Seed to Store Shelf: The Heinz Tomato’s Journey, 1900-1930

Created 08.26.2021 | 16 artifacts

In the early 1900s, the H.J. Heinz Company grew and processed tomatoes into a wide variety of products, including canned tomatoes and ketchup, tomato juice, and sauces and soups. These photographs follow Heinz tomatoes from seeds to fields, and factories to store shelves.

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Heinz Apples

Created 08.26.2021 | 14 artifacts

Today, Heinz is best known for tomato ketchup, but a wide range of produce has gone into the company’s "57 Varieties” over the years. These images follow the journey of apples grown for Heinz apple butter and cider vinegar in the early 1900s.

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Fair Lane: The Fords' Private Railroad Car

Created 08.04.2021 | 25 artifacts

By 1920, Henry and Clara Ford found it difficult to travel by railroad. Henry Ford was widely recognized -- pestered by the public and hounded by reporters. The Fords purchased a private railroad car they called Fair Lane, so they could travel conveniently and quietly across the extensive American railroad network. The Fords made more than 400 trips with Fair Lane from 1921 to 1942.

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The Pennsylvania Turnpike

Created 07.29.2021 | 21 artifacts

Opened in 1940, the Pennsylvania Turnpike was the prototype for modern limited-access American highways. Financed by user tolls, the turnpike initially ran 160 miles across the Keystone State, connecting Harrisburg with Pittsburgh. It was soon extended 100 miles east to Philadelphia. Drivers appreciated the smooth pavement, gentle curves, and lack of stoplights. The turnpike became a tourist attraction in its own right.

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A Look at Lawn Mowers through The Henry Ford's Collections

Created 06.24.2021 | 20 artifacts

Since the expansion of suburban neighborhoods after the Civil War, Americans have been obsessed with maintaining the “perfect” lawn. An entire industry evolved in response to consumer demand, introducing innovative lawn care products – and new ways to market them. This group of lawn mowers and related artifacts document decades of technological improvements and changing American ideals.

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Memorial Day Through the Years

Created 05.25.2021 | 14 artifacts

Americans first started celebrating Memorial Day in the wake of the Civil War. Since then, the holiday has evolved, although many of the traditions still exist today. These artifacts from the collections of The Henry Ford help tell the story of Memorial Day, then and now.

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Bobby Unser: King of the Mountain

Created 05.25.2021 | 15 artifacts

Bobby Unser earned three victories at the Indianapolis 500, two national championships in open-wheel racing, plus an IROC championship in his lengthy competitive driving career. But his favorite event was the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb near Colorado Springs, Colorado. Unser earned 13 wins -- including 10 overall victories -- at Pikes Peak from 1956 to 1986.

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20th-Century Jewelry: Innovation in Design and Materials

Created 05.25.2021 | 10 artifacts

People have adorned their bodies and clothing with jewelry for thousands of years. This group examines popular 20th-century jewelry, which emphasized style, affordability, and innovation in materials.

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