Expert Sets

The experts at The Henry Ford have carefully created these sets. Explore a specific topic or use these as a foundation for building your own collection.

The experts at The Henry Ford have carefully created these sets. Explore a specific topic or use these as a foundation for building your own collection.

Just Added to Our Digital Collections

Created 03.24.2020 | 28 artifacts

Browse selected artifacts recently added to The Henry Ford's digital collections. These are just a handful of the nearly 700 new items digitized in February 2020.

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Biomimicry and Nature-Inspired Artifacts

Created 03.20.2020 | 6 artifacts

Biomimicry involves innovation inspired by nature--imitating biological designs or processes in human endeavors. In this expert set, our curators select artifacts from our collections that were inspired by the natural world.

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Created 03.04.2020 | 23 artifacts

Eggs are familiar. They're available nearly everywhere Americans shop for food and appear daily on menus at homes and restaurants across the country. What's less familiar is the story of their rise from products of the family farm to a major agricultural commodity. This group of artifacts helps document that story, revealing important developments in egg production and distribution and exploring consumers' evolving relationship with eggs.

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Women in Racing

Created 02.25.2020 | 15 artifacts

Women have been involved in automobile racing from the start -- on the track, in the pits, and behind the scenes. From pioneering drivers like Vicki Wood and Janet Guthrie, to more contemporary competitors like Sarah Fisher and Danica Patrick, women have made their mark on the sport from Detroit to Daytona, and from Indianapolis to Le Mans.

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Amelia Earhart: The Iconic Aviatrix

Created 02.20.2020 | 15 artifacts

Amelia Earhart understood the power of fame. Her celebrity made possible the lucrative product endorsements, speaking engagements, and public appearances that helped finance her flying. With her publicist, George Putnam, Earhart carefully built and maintained her reputation—both to support her own flights and to promote the general growth of aviation.

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Amelia Earhart: Across the Atlantic and into the Headlines

Created 02.20.2020 | 40 artifacts

In June 1928, Amelia Earhart made headlines as the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Though she had only been a passenger, Earhart became an instant celebrity. George Putnam, who’d helped to plan and promote the flight, continued to support Earhart’s aviation activities as her publicist (and eventual husband). Speaking engagements, book sales, and product endorsements helped fund Earhart’s career until her tragic 1937 disappearance.

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McLoughlin Bros. - Color Printing Pioneers

Created 02.13.2020 | 11 artifacts

John and Edmund McLoughlin's publishing firm became well-known in the mid-1800s for its early adoption and skillful use of new color printing techniques. Realizing success in the emerging market for children's books, the brothers expanded their product line to include toys and games. Products bearing the McLoughlin Bros. name remained popular even after the company’s acquisition by Milton Bradley in 1920.

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Personification and Anthropomorphism

Created 02.06.2020 | 22 artifacts

Attributing human characteristics to animals and objects is a natural tendency, and a technique that artists and writers have used for centuries. Personification ascribes human emotions and values to inanimate beings. Anthropomorphism gives things human agency. Depictions appear in a variety of media, and the messages conveyed can be amusing, persuasive, and thought-provoking.

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Art Pottery Highlights from the Collection of The Henry Ford

Created 02.05.2020 | 22 artifacts

Art pottery is typically made for decorative, rather than purely practical purposes. Most of us have art pottery in our homes--vases for flowers, patterned tile in kitchens or bathrooms, ornaments displayed throughout the house or in china cabinets--all reflecting our taste and personality. Here are highlights of our art pottery from the late 19th through the 20th century.

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The Most Popular Digital Collections Artifacts of 2019

Created 01.21.2020 | 50 artifacts

Artifacts in our Digital Collections were viewed more than 800,000 times during 2019, and the 50 artifacts that were viewed the most often during the year are listed below. Internet searchers intrigued by a Netflix movie, The Highwaymen, caused Clyde Barrow's letter to Henry Ford to become our top-viewed artifact of the year, while a box office release, Ford v Ferrari, catapulted a number of new items into the list, along with many old favorites.

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