Expert Sets

The experts at The Henry Ford have carefully created these sets. Explore a specific topic or use these as a foundation for building your own collection.

The experts at The Henry Ford have carefully created these sets. Explore a specific topic or use these as a foundation for building your own collection.

Just Added to Our Digital Collections

Created 07.10.2020 | 19 artifacts

Browse selected artifacts recently added to The Henry Ford's digital collections. These are just a handful of the more than 1000 new items digitized in October 2020.

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Most Popular Artifacts during Our Pandemic Closure, 2020

Created 07.01.2020 | 50 artifacts

In 2020, the novel coronavirus COVID-19 sparked a worldwide pandemic. In response, The Henry Ford closed its doors on March 13 of that year and did not open them again until July 2. During that time, our Digital Collections was the most popular section of our website. Here are the artifacts virtual visitors were browsing most often during our closure, in order of popularity. Do you see patterns?

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Featured on The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation: Season 6

Created 04.20.2020 | 26 artifacts

These key artifacts appeared on the sixth season of The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation. For episode information, please visit

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Our Most-Viewed Digitized Artifacts of All Time

Created 11.23.2020 | 100 artifacts

In fall 2020, The Henry Ford digitized its 100,000th artifact. As part of a month-long celebration of that happy event, we assembled this set of the 100 artifacts most-viewed online since our first collections website was launched in the early 2010s. Many are fan favorites from Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation and Greenfield Village, but others might surprise you.

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Created 11.04.2020 | 13 artifacts

"Airship" refers to any lighter-than-air craft that moves under its own power. Lift is achieved using a gas, like hydrogen or helium, that is less dense than surrounding air. Non-rigid airships -- blimps -- use the gas's pressure on the containment envelope to maintain their shape. Rigid airships -- Zeppelins -- support their gas cells with an internal framework. In peace and in war, airships have known triumph and tragedy.

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Voting in America

Created 10.15.2020 | 21 artifacts

From the founding of the nation, there has never been a common American voting experience. Methods vary across states, counties, and municipalities, reflecting differing and ever-evolving ideas about how to vote -- and who should participate. Because changes that address problems with voting systems invariably create new ones, the story of voting in America is one of constant reform.

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Hallowe'en in Greenfield Village: Postcards

Created 10.01.2020 | 15 artifacts

One tradition fans of Hallowe'en in Greenfield Village look forward to annually is the postcard that's handed out -- a reproduction of a historic Hallowe'en card from our collection. Here, we've gathered some of the selections that have been featured over the years. You can download a digital copy of any you've missed by clicking through to the Digital Collections record.

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Rich Sheridan: Re-imagining Workplace Culture

Created 08.31.2020 | 21 artifacts

Richard Sheridan, CEO and co-founder of Menlo Innovations, was the Fall 2019 Entrepreneur-in-Residence at The Henry Ford, funded by the William Davidson Foundation Initiative for Entrepreneurship. In the following interview clips, Sheridan describes how his career experiences influenced the founding of his software company, where he embraces a unique approach to the office environment, emphasizing teamwork and encouraging joy in the workplace.

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Created 08.26.2020 | 20 artifacts

Barnstorming aerial performers thrilled audiences in the 1920s with death-defying "aerobatic" stunts. Equipped with war-surplus airplanes and steely nerves, they toured the country giving many Americans their first in-person experiences with aviation. Most barnstormers barely eked out a living, but a few found wealth and fame. By decade's end, aging aircraft, fading novelty, and growing government regulation largely ended the barnstorming era.

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Women's Suffrage: Highlights from the Collections of The Henry Ford

Created 08.19.2020 | 19 artifacts

American women gained the right to vote after a long, hard struggle. A concerted effort to secure voting rights for women began in the mid-1800s and continued until the ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920--and even then, some women had to fight on. In recognition of the passage of the 19th Amendment, here are 19 objects from our collections that highlight the women's suffrage movement.

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