The Henry Ford


The Henry Ford is an independent, non-profit, educational institution not affiliated with the Ford Motor Company or the Ford Foundation. We depend on ticket purchases, income from our gift shops and restaurants, and tax-deductible contributions and memberships for support. The Henry Ford is an AAM accredited institution.

Code of Conduct, Rules and Regulations for Visitors of The Henry Ford:

The Henry Ford seeks to provide a world class history attraction experience in an environment that is safe, clean and comfortable.  To accomplish this, we have adopted the following Code of Conduct, Rules and Regulations for Visitors.  Any behavior that is disruptive to the experience of other visitors or is destructive toward exhibits, artifacts or the general facilities cannot be tolerated.  Persons who violate these rules will be asked to leave the premises and may lose membership and/or admittance privileges.  Violations perceived as criminal may result in arrest and prosecution.

"Then Henry Ford properties" include Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, Greenfield Village, The Henry Ford Giant Screen Experience, The Benson Ford Research Center, Ford Rouge Factory Tour (visitor center, loading area & busses), Lovett Hall, Henry Ford Academy & all surrounding areas owned by The Henry Ford including parking lots and Village Road.

Code of Conduct for Visitors

  1. It is illegal to deface, damage, mutilate or destroy Henry Ford property, artifacts, exhibits or equipment including altering or tampering with computers or software.  Handling artifacts, exhibits or equipment without the presence and permission of a Henry Ford Staff member is prohibited.
  2. Indecent exposure, sexual acts or behavior are prohibited.
  3. Fighting, provoking a fight, or engaging in disorderly or boisterous conduct is prohibited.  Visitors who act in a manner which causes public disturbance will be asked to leave the Henry Ford properties.
  4. Offensive, abusive or threatening language or behavior is prohibited while visiting the Henry Ford.
  5. Display of profane, obscene or injurious language, texts or graphics for public view is prohibited. Visitors displaying such language on clothing will be asked to either change the garment, or otherwise cover the offensive image/language.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Loitering, gambling, selling, soliciting or campaigning on The Henry Ford properties is prohibited.
  2. Carrying weapons or dangerous objects while visiting The Henry Ford properties is prohibited.
  3. Do not leave children unattended.  Unattended children are not permitted in historic buildings or on historic rides.  For youth/student groups, at least one chaperone is required for every ten children.
  4. Pets are not allowed inside our venues or restaurants. 
  5. Shoes and shirts are required for all visitors.
  6. Eating, drinking and smoking is allowed, but only in designated areas.
  7. Our farm animals in Greenfield Village are fed very specific rations and have precise diets, please refrain from feeding them.
  8. For your safety, wading or swimming in fountains, ponds or streams on Henry Ford property is prohibited.
  9. Photography for personal use only is allowed in most areas; it is not allowed in the Giant Screen Experience, the Ford Rouge Factory Tour Theatres, the Ford Rouge Factory floor, or in certain Museum Gallery exhibits, (check with an admissions cashier for more details.)
  10. No open fires or personal grills are allowed.  Alcoholic beverages that are not sold on premises are not allowed. (*Alcoholic beverages are sold and served by The Henry Ford Food Services and Catering departments).
  11. Bicycles, scooters, tricycles, skate boards, roller / in-line skates or shoes with wheels are not allowed inside our venues or restaurants.
  12. Disability assistance equipment, such as wheelchairs and electric scooters, are available for rent.  Personal wheelchairs are welcome on campus.  Traditional electric assistance scooters are also welcome, however, upright or "Segway" scooters are permitted on campus for use only by guests with mobility limitations.  Segways that are used must be brought by the guest. We do not rent Segways.

Historic Ride/Transportation Rules and Regulations
Greenfield Village operates a number of historic rides and modes of transportation.  The following state law requirements will help assure your safety while riding.  Please obey all posted safety rules and oral instructions from the station master or ride operator. State law requires riders to obey all warnings and directions for carnival or amusement rides, and behave in a manner that will not cause or contribute to the injury of themselves or others. Riders must report injuries prior to leaving the premises.

  1. Please avoid any actions that may injure you or others
  2. Remember to stay within the limits of your ability
  3. Do not interfere with safe operation of the ride
  4. You should not extend your arms or legs beyond your seating area
  5. Please face forward at all times (never ride sidesaddle on a carousel animal)
  6. Remember to remain seated at all times until otherwise instructed
  7. Do not throw or drop any object from or toward the ride
  8. Get off the ride properly at the designated time and place
  9. Do not touch the ride operator’s controls
  10. Please refrain from eating, drinking or smoking
  11. Everyone needs a ticket or wristband to ride, except children under age 4, who should be accompanied by an adult
  12. Children 14 years and under must be accompanied by an adult when riding the Train, Bus and Model T.  For groups, the ratio is at least one adult to ten children.
  13. One person per seat or carousel animal
  14. Children must be age 6 years or older to ride the carousel independently
  15. School groups must have an adult leader with them at all times
  16. Be nice to our carousel animals, they are one of a kind! Do not swing or bounce on the animals. Do not pull their tails or use their legs as footrests
  17. Please be mindful that our historic rides are special—treat them with the respect they deserve!
  18. Report all injuries to the ride operator.

Please do not board any ride unless you:

Know how to get on, use and get off the ride
Have read, understand and meet the requirements on posted signs
Know the limits of your ability and that the ride will not exceed your limits
Are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Are authorized by the operator to board the ride.

Pet Access Policy
(Revised effective: January 30, 2006)
The policy concerning the access of privately owned animals (pets) to The Henry Ford is as follows:

  1. No animals, other than those in The Henry Ford’s collection, will be permitted into or on the property past gated entry or security points.   This policy is in effect at all times, including when the facilities are not open to the public.
  2. Exceptions are as follows: 
    • Service animals will be permitted to assist visitors with disabilities. 
    • Police or other certified assistance animals will be permitted when accompanied by a qualified handler on official business.
    • The Director of Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation & Greenfield Village may allow animals outside The Henry Ford’s collection into gated areas in all venues for the purposes of special programming presentations or for other reasons deemed necessary. Permission must be documented in the daily security log or other official document and should be consistent with health and safety guidelines. 

Smoking Policy
Effective May 1, 2010, Michigan State Law prohibits smoking in areas controlled by a state or local government agency, places of employment, restaurants, bars, and hotels in the state of Michigan.  Smoking on The Henry Ford properties is prohibited except in designated areas. Designated areas are signed as such.

Guests to The Henry Ford may smoke in their vehicles.

Guests to Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation and Giant Screen Experience are permitted to smoke outside the west side of the Museum under the Giant Screen Experience banners and at the east (Michigan Café) end of the Museum on the sidewalk next to the yellow service gate on Lovett Road. 
Guests to Greenfield Village and the Benson Ford Research Center are permitted to smoke in the area outside Greenfield Village and the Benson Ford Research Center on the sidewalk next to the yellow service gate on Lovett Road.

The areas inside Greenfield Village  
1. On the asphalt near the gate between the Edison statue and the Tin Type Studio; 
2. On the sidewalk between the entrance to Taste of History and the Stone Mill.

Guests to Lovett Hall evening events are permitted to smoke on the sidewalk next to the yellow service gate on Lovett Road.

Guests to Ford Rouge Factory Tour are permitted to smoke outside in front of the building on the Plant side of the entrance. This applies to daytime visits and evening events.

Guests that smoke in non-smoking areas of The Henry Ford will be asked to stop and move to the areas where smoking is permitted.  Guests who do not comply will be asked to leave The Henry Ford premises.

Ticket and Membership Transfer and Resale Policy


  • All individual (non-group) ticket, gift card and membership sales are final, non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
  • The use of software (including BOTs) for the purpose of interfering with the ticket sale operation over the internet by circumventing controls on The Henry Ford’s website are in violation of both federal and state law.
  • In accordance with Michigan law, paid tickets or vouchers to any venue or event of The Henry Ford may be offered for resale if the seller is in physical possession of the unredeemed standard ticket / voucher or print-at-home ticket. Bar codes must be intact, unused, and valid. (Tickets held in Will Call are not considered to be in possession of the purchaser for resale eligibility.)
  • Tickets purchased and held at any Will Call location at The Henry Ford must be picked up by the purchaser only. Photo ID and / or a signature may be required.
  • Complimentary ($0) tickets or vouchers issued by The Henry Ford to its donors, members, sponsors, employees, or other partners hold no cash value and are not eligible for resale.
  • The Henry Ford is not responsible for honoring any commitments made by 3rd party sellers and will refuse admission if tickets are invalid.

Groups & Outside Organizations

  • Group discounts are available only with advance reservations (at least 24 hours) and a minimum of 15 people. Group sales are not available online, please call our Contact Center for more information (313) 982-6001.
  • Group discounts are not available on all admissions or events.
  • Organizations who purchase tickets to The Henry Ford for their members / employees / clients must provide valid tickets AND identify their organization with a single reachable contact on all communications regarding the visit.
  • The Henry Ford is not responsible for honoring any commitments made by outside organizations or 3rd party sellers and will refuse admission if tickets are invalid.

Members & Memberships

  • Memberships sold by The Henry Ford are considered personal benefit contracts between The Henry Ford and the purchasing member. As such, they non-transferable.
  • Photo IDs are required for members upon entry to our main venues and must match membership card.
  • Member benefits, such as free admission, discounted admission, member-only events, member-only promotions and specially-timed access to events or programs, are intended for and restricted to those named on the membership only and are not transferable to those outside of the member household.
  • Tickets purchased via a membership account and/or intended for member-only times / events and tickets are not eligible for resale or transfer.
  • Daily Ride Pass tickets / wristbands issued to Membership + Rides members and Giant Screen Experience tickets are intended for and restricted to those named and covered by the membership. Daily Ride Passes and Giant Screen Experience tickets for members are not eligible for resale or transfer.
  • Members in violation of resale polices may be subject to immediate revocation of their member status without a refund and be prohibited from purchasing a new membership for a period of no less than 5 years.
  • Members are limited in the number of tickets they may purchase with their membership account for each event. Please refer to our web event pages for specific limits.
  • The Henry Ford reserves the right to revoke a membership without a refund if appropriate conduct has been violated.