Miniature Moments:

A Journey Through Hallmark® Keepsake Ornaments

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Explore our extensive collection of nearly 7,000 Hallmark ornaments made between 1973 and 2009. Be sure to visit Miniature Moments: A Journey Through Hallmark ® Keepsake Ornaments, permanently on display inside Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation.

Founded by teenage entrepreneur J.C. Hall in 1910, Hallmark did not start with ornaments but with cards. At a young age, J.C. Hall opened a postcard company in a small town in Nebraska. With limited opportunities, he crammed two shoeboxes full of postcards and boarded a train for Kansas City, Missouri, where he and his brother opened a stationery store. When a fire wiped out the store’s inventory, the brothers bought an engraving firm, setting the stage for the first Hallmark card designs.

Hallmark revolutionized Christmas decorating in the late 20th century by developing an increasing variety of ornaments for a wide range of distinctly different customers. In 1973, Hallmark introduced a small line of Keepsake ornaments. These ornaments according to the company, “capture meaningful moments, honor special relationships, express who you are, and help you relive timeless memories, year after year.” The initial product line of primarily glass ball ornaments evolved into an emphasis on figural ornaments.

Relive holiday memories, remember special people and events, and find new inspiration for your own holiday traditions as you experience the artistry and creativity that went into creating each Keepsake ornament.