The Henry Ford

Telling history through artifacts is what we at The Henry Ford do. In our own way, we are also innovators, exploring the authenticity of objects and searching for new meanings about the people, ideas, and events that made them. Here, we present stories that give you a glimpse into our own creative process. Stories about how and why we curate exhibits, about our discoveries of iconic objects, and about the ingenuity and resourcefulness we employ to preserve and restore them.

Showcasing American Innovation

Through themed collections and interactive exhibits, Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation and Greenfield Village pay homage to some of our nation’s most important and prolific thinkers and doers. Select a story to go behind-the-scenes and learn how we craft stories about the people, places, events, and innovations that have shaped America.


Driving America

Explore the cultural significance of the car and learn more about the interactive in-museum features that make this exhibit so unique and engaging.

Edison at Work

See the laboratory as Thomas Edison would have, and find out what it took to move the estate to Michigan and restore it to its former glory.

Heroes of the Sky

Join us on a journey through aviation’s first decades, and explore the stories behind the technologies that make flight possible.

Past Exhibits

See a list of some of our past exhibits at Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation and Greenfield Village that have paid homage to great American thinkers and doers.

Curating & Preserving

We’ve assembled stories about some of our most significant preservation and restoration efforts. From the Mark IV race car to the Rosa Parks Bus on its journey from Alabama to Michigan, find out what goes into preserving and restoring important moments of American innovation.


The Rosa Parks Bus

Learn about our restoration of the bus on which Rosa Parks sat that day in 1955, transforming it from a discarded relic in an Alabama field to one of the most popular artifacts in Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation.

The Lincoln Rocker

Learn how the rocking chair in which Abraham Lincoln was sitting when he was shot came into the collections at The Henry Ford.

The 1967 Ford Mark IV

Learn how our team meticulously conserved this historic race car, winner at France’s 24 Hours of Le Mans, one of the most prestigious events in all of motorsport.

Dymaxion House

Restored to its original condition, this single-family dwelling designed by Buckminster Fuller is the only remaining prototype of this building in the world.