Assembly Plant
Walking Tour

One of the top Rouge attractions is the walking tour of the Dearborn Truck Plant, where the new military-grade aluminum-alloy-body Ford F-150 truck is made. The elevated walkway, a 1/3 mile journey, provides you with a unique bird’s-eye view of the plant’s final assembly line. You’ll see firsthand the complex web of equipment, robotics, parts delivery and skilled workers that come together to build one truck per minute at full line speeds–yes, you read that right: one truck a minute.


The tour gives you glimpses of the trim lines for cab, box, and door as well as final testing. You’ll see the F-150 come into the plant as an empty shell and leave as a fully tested F-150 ready for the customer. (Be sure to check Dearborn Plant Non-production Dates to see when the assembly line is not scheduled to be in full operation.)


Videos, signs, and interactive displays enhance the experience with educational content. For example, at the Test Drive Smart Tools display, you can try out the same advanced tooling used on the line to help build quality into every vehicle by constantly measuring and analyzing the build process.

Approximate time: 30-45 minutes