Remote Research Services

Research Services

Recognizing that making a visit to our Reading Room is not always possible, we offer a fee-based research service for off-site researchers where our reference staff will research our collections to assist in locating materials or clarifying contents. This service is offered for in-depth research into our archival, library, and in some cases artifact collections and is not a general research assistant service.

Examples include:

  • Researching through archival materials for specific topics, subjects, individuals, etc.
  • Providing further information on specific accession or folder contents
  • Page counts of folders for duplication purposes
  • In-depth information on specific artifacts in The Henry Ford’s collections (or former artifacts)

Research fees:

  • Individual-$35 per hour
  • Commercial-$45 per hour
  • Rush-$70 per hour

*Payment for one hour’s worth of research is required at the time of the request. We accept major credit cards or checks. Research fees may be waived for K-12 students, or for requests for information on an artifact donated by an immediate family member.

We will make every attempt to assist you, but please be aware that paying for remote research does not guarantee we will be able to find the information you are looking for.

Please contact us at for more information.

Document, Image, and Audio-Visual Duplication Services

We offer many options for duplication of materials. Due to staff shortages, we are currently implementing scanning limits, please see our Document Duplication Form for more details. We also reserve the right to refuse to duplicate materials considered too brittle, fragile, or tightly bound for safe duplication.

Reference/Low Resolution Duplication

High Resolution Image and Audio-Visual Duplication (including permissions)

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