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Step into the homes and lives of ordinary people who changed our country.

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Mrs. Fisher's Southern Cooking

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Mrs. Fisher's Southern Cooking

Savor the 1800s cooking of Abby Fisher, a former enslaved worker with a culinary gift. Enjoy some of the most delectable recipes from her landmark cookbook. Nothing says Southern hospitality like cracker-crust fried chicken and sweet potato pie.


Porches & Parlors

Hermitage Slave Quarters

Enslaved African Americans built and lived in these cabins on the Hermitage Plantation near Savannah, Georgia.  

Daily Life

Each day work is required to keep the farms and homes running.  


Preparation of a hearty meal was part of each day's work.  


A bounty from our gardens.  

Cooking Over a Fire

Many of the daily tasks of early American home life took place outside.  


Chickens are kept at some of the residences.  


Children wander through one of the many gardens at Greenfield Village.