Social Justice and Injustice

Here you’ll find an unexpected take on the artifacts and stories of American innovation, ingenuity, resourcefulness, entrepreneurship, perseverance and social transformation through a social justice lens. Learn new stories about individuals and groups too frequently excluded from history books.

Stories of Social Justice and Injustice

The Henry Ford commits to solidarity with communities that experience marginalization or other social injustice by using our collections to amplify those stories.


Art from Everyday Life

Susana Allen Hunter's creativity in quilting was fueled by the practical concerns of her life in the Jim Crow South in one of the poorest counties in the United States.

Celebrate Women's History

Meet women who broke boundaries in a variety of fields.


Women in Racing

Celebrate the women who’ve made their mark in the world of auto racing through artifacts from our collections.

Kimberly Bryant

Watch the founder of Black Girls CODE discuss diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.