Collections Experts


Curators delve into our rich collections to help understand how the past informs the present. Within their area of expertise, they collect and interpret meaningful artifacts to enrich our knowledge of the American experience of innovation, ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Matt Anderson

Curator of Transportation

Matt joined The Henry Ford as Curator of Transportation in 2012. From childhood, he’s always been fascinated by anything with wheels or wings. His favorite artifacts include the Wright Cycle Shop, the 1948 Tucker 48 sedan, and – like everyone else who’s ever visited the museum – the 1941 Allegheny locomotive.

Donna Braden

Curator of Public Life

Donna's curatorial area includes everything from vacations and world's fairs to civil rights and social activism to advertising and retail. Her work on numerous museum exhibitions, programs, Village buildings, and writings over more than three decades has led her down many different paths into the Museum's rich collections, which she refers to as "a bottomless pit of wonderfulness."

Kristen Gallerneaux

Curator of Communications & Information Technology

Kristen has been at The Henry Ford since 2013. Her background as an artist, musician, and media historian drives her thinking, collecting, and stewardship as a curator. Among her favorite recent acquisitions: an early, operational Apple 1 computer and video game cartridges exhumed from the "1983 Atari Tomb" in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Marc Greuther

Vice President, Historical Resources and Chief Curator

Marc has worked at The Henry Ford for over 27 years. As Vice President, Historical Resources, he has broadened and deepened the institution's technology, innovation, and design holdings; as Chief Curator he leads the curatorial team and the development of curatorial strategy.

Jim Johnson

Curator of Historic Structures & Landscapes

Jim has been with The Henry Ford 38 years. During this time, he has been devoted to research and development of a wide variety of historic public programs. Jim welcomes the challenge of overseeing more than 80 historic structures across the campus, and would be hard pressed to pick a favorite, though Menlo Park and the Logan County Courthouse rise to the top.

Jeanine Head Miller

Curator of Domestic Life

Jeanie has over 40 years of experience at The Henry Ford. She loves historic houses and their furnishings—and the stories they have to tell! Though the "home front" is her specialty, her projects have covered a wide range of other topics—from musical instruments to furniture, log cabins to hot rods.

Debra A. Reid

Curator of Agriculture and the Environment

The machines that Debra curates demarked periods of revolutionary change, from stoop labor to draft power to internal combustion engines to the production revolution, and back again to organic, slow food and grow-local alternatives. Iconic artifacts range from mechanical innovations produced by competing corporations to personal papers, family photographs, and well-documented stories of a vital process – human hands producing food, fiber, and fuel.

Charles Sable

Curator of Decorative Arts

Charles has been at The Henry Ford since 2008. His areas of curatorial responsibility include furniture, ceramics, silver, glass, and fine art, and he also helps ensure the historical accuracy of interiors within Greenfield Village's buildings. He has described his role as "a dream job."

Archivists and Research Staff

The Henry Ford's archives hold millions of documents and photographs, as well as audio and motion picture material. Our archivists collect, organize, describe, preserve, and provide access, digitally and physically, to these historical records. Research staff help visitors, whether remote or onsite, find and use these materials.


An important part of our work is caring for historic artifacts. The materials in the collection are wide-ranging, as are the skills needed to preserve them. Our conservators use their scientific and technical knowledge to preserve textiles, paper, metal, plastics, and many other materials.

Registrars and Collections Managers

The Henry Ford manages and cares for an extensive collection of artifacts. Registrars track the artifacts, assigning each a unique catalog number and documenting important information in our collections database. Collections managers ensure artifacts move safely and securely around our campus and always return to an appropriate storage area.