With Liberty and Justice for All


Since opening in January 2006, the With Liberty and Justice for All exhibition has shared powerful stories of moments in American history with millions of visitors to Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation. In the nearly two decades since, much regarding liberty, freedom and justice has transpired in our country.

In light of new scholarship and evolving historical perspectives, The Henry Ford is reexamining With Liberty and Justice for All to ensure its content is relevant and meaningful for the museum guests of today and tomorrow.

Americans have a shared set of democratic beliefs about liberty and justice, and The Henry Ford recognizes we all have different identities and communities that impact our experiences as Americans.

The reality is that the United States has an imperfect past, a continuing imbalance and an unfolding future. By connecting the past to the present, we can empathize with the experiences of others, speak out and ultimately play a role in creating a more just world.

Using feedback from numerous communities and contemporary scholarship, we are further exploring what stories are being told in With Liberty and Justice for All, how those stories are being told and how our storytelling can be more inclusive.

We Are Listening

As The Henry Ford works toward the revitalization of With Liberty and Justice for All, we are collecting feedback and perspectives from a wide range of individuals and communities. We are offering opportunities for on-site and virtual survey feedback, collaborating with virtual focus groups from across the nation and facilitating in-person conversations with diverse voices in the metro Detroit area.

If you are part of a community group that would like to participate in a future listening session about With Liberty and Justice for All, please email libertyandjustice@thehenryford.org.