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Innovation Nation

Ep 6 | Aging Software featuring the Dymaxion House

Host Mo Rocca shows software that can accurately age any facial picture to up to 80 years old; a futuristic portable home of the past; emergency tech — how to stay in touch when the power goes out; how actress Hedy Lamarr changed our wireless world.
Original Air Date: 11/01/2014
Innovation Nation

Ep 12 | Three Under 20 featuring Thomas Edison's Menlo Park Laboratory

Host Mo Rocca shows us incredible innovators under 20 years old; 9-year-old Algae Girl, who is pioneering oil-producing algae by growing it under her bed; how Thomas Edison’s inventions still make us all look like slackers; 16-year-old Hollow Flashlight Girl, who invented a battery-free flashlight; and the 20-year-old from the Netherlands who is skimming the plastics from our oceans.
Original Air Date: 01/31/2015
Innovation Nation

Ep 17 | Pocket Printer featuring Thomas Edison's patent models

Host Mo Rocca shows us the hardware store robot; the incredible patent models from Thomas Edison that show us the beginning of our electronic world; how the USG Corp. is leading the way with grooming the next generation of engineers and mathematicians; the Israeli inventors of a printer that fits in your pocket.
Original Air Date: 04/11/2015
Innovation Nation

Ep 19 | Inventor of Email featuring historic steam engines

Host Mo Rocca shows us the inventor of a fireproof gel that is helping firefighters save lives; the historic steam engines that are the grandfathers of electricity; a camera that automatically follows you so you’re always in frame; and the man who, at 14 years old, invented the email system we use today.
Original Air Date: 04/25/2015
Innovation Nation

Ep 34 | Baby Tech featuring the Owl Night Lunch Wagon

Host Mo Rocca shows us the highest tech to keep tabs on your toddler; rebuilding the billfold that’s been breaking your backside; the history behind the lunch wagon and mobile food; and the playful polymers making you jump higher while keeping babies’ bottoms drier.
Original Air Date: 11/21/2015
Innovation Nation

Ep 48 | Vine King featuring the Vagabonds

Host Mo Rocca shows us the inventor who is soaring to new heights with a jet on his back; Vine’s ‘Six Second Spielberg,’ Zach King; how history’s greatest innovators go camping; and the chemistry making the world more colorful.
Original Air Date: 04/30/2016
Innovation Nation

Ep 62 | Ron Popeil featuring air mail

Host Mo Rocca shows us the TV pitch man and inventor behind dozens of inventions including the Pocket Fisherman; the listening device that can find people buried after an earthquake; measuring your rooms and creating a floorplan of your house with a cellphone; and how air mail changed how we communicated.
Original Air Date: 01/21/2017
Innovation Nation

Ep 74 | Air Mail featuring air mail

Host Mo Rocca shows us the movie magic behind animal actors; the computerized farmer for your garden; how collecting water in Africa is less of a pain in the neck; and how air mail changed how we communicated.
Original Air Date: 04/29/2017
Innovation Nation

Ep 82 | Gloving featuring roads

Host Mo Rocca shows us the new art form of lighting your fingertips; inventing the alien rock grabber; earbuds that translate languages in real time; and, the history of roads connecting the country.
Original Air Date: 10/21/17