Ford Rouge 

Henry Ford had a vision of an ideal automotive “ore to assembly” complex, where every aspect of production could be processed, manufactured and assembled in one place. From tractors to cars, military jeeps, tank engines and even amphibious vehicles, and later celebrated cars like the Ford Mustang, the Rouge’s production history stands as a hallmark of the times.

1903 Ford Motor Company founded
1906 Ford Motor Company becomes America’s largest car manufacturer producing 8,729 cars
1908 Ford introduces the Model T
1908 William C. Durant forms General Motors
1910 Ford opens the Highland Park Plant
1913 Ford engineers introduce a moving assembly line for auto production
1914  Ford introduces the $5 day wage for hourly workers
1915 Henry Ford purchases 2,000 acres of marshland along the Rouge River in Dearborn
1917 Construction of Rouge Plant begins
1918 First products of the Rouge are Eagle Boats for the US Navy
1921 Fordson tractor production begins at Rouge Plant
1924 First public tours of the Rouge Plant
1925 Walter P. Chrysler reorganizes Maxwell Motor Corp. into Chrysler Corp.
1926 Ford adopts 40 hour work week
1927 Model T production ends after more than 15 million are produced
1927 Ford loses first place in sales to Chevrolet
1927 Model A production begins at Rouge
1928 Tractor production discontinued at the Rouge
1928 Ford regains first place in sales
1929 Total Rouge employment climbs to 103,000
1932 First V-8 Ford car produced at Rouge
1937 Union organizers stage massive “sit-in” strikes at General Motors’ plants in Flint
1937 Ford Service men attack union organizers in what becomes known as The Battle of the Overpass 
1941 Ford signs contract with United Auto Workers, the last major auto company to do so
1942 World War II halts civilian car production
1943-45 War production at the Rouge contributes to Detroit’s reputation as “The Arsenal of Democracy”
1945 Ford civilian truck and auto production resumes
1946 75,000 employed at the Rouge
1949 Ford introduces the first all-new cars built at the Rouge since World War II
1953 60,000 employed at the Rouge
1953 The first Ford Thunderbird rolls off the line at the Rouge
1965 Ford Mustang begins production at the Rouge
1965 New yearly record for Rouge Plant Tours set with 239,669 visitors
1971 All-time yearly record for Rouge Plant tours set with 243,175 visitors
1980 Rouge Plant tours end
1997 UAW and Ford Motor Company sign Rouge Viability Agreement to revitalize the Rouge
1999 Six workers are killed in an explosion at the Rouge Power House
2004 New F-150 truck production begins at the Rouge in a newly constructed, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility
2004 Ford Rouge Factory Tours resume
2004 F-Series sets all-new U.S. sales record: 939,511
2008 Ford launches an all-new version of the Ford F-150 and the first ever ultra-luxury F-150 platinum edition
2009 Ford Launched a totally redesigned and updated F-150
2010 Ford launched the SVT Raptor. A dedicated off-road pickup
2011 Ford introduced a new engine line up for the F-150 to include a 3.7-liter V6 and a twin turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost
2014 Ford introduced the Tremor model of the F-150
2015 Ford introduced a completely redesigned F-150 by shedding 700lbs. They introduced a military grade aluminum alloy for the body instead of steel
2017 The 2018 F-150 receives the Motor Trend Truck of the Year
2019 The Diesel Engine becomes optional for Lariat, King Ranch, and Platinum
2021 Ford Unveils 2022 all Electric F-150 Lightning