Civil War Remembrance

A time to reflect. A time to celebrate.

Special Event at Greenfield Village®

Civil War America is remembered for the scorched-earth division between North and South and the uncompromising differences that drew 3 million to the battlefield and an estimated 750,000 to their graves — the equivalent of 7.5 million today. Though shaped by battle and loss, the story of this pivotal era is best told by examining how Americans lived as they faced events that would set the stage for today’s ongoing civil rights movement.

Spend Memorial Day weekend immersed in living history as soldiers, civilians, musicians and expert historians provide demonstrations, exhibits and special commemorations. Taste hard tack and discover an authentically reproduced civil war era horse-drawn Coffee Wagon providing warm comforts to war weary soldiers. Strike up a conversation with one of dozens of living history experts wearing meticulous reproductions of historic clothing for an impromptu lesson on topics from fashion to medicine.

Plan to stay late on Saturday night for a concert featuring The Second Cavalry Brigade Band. Mounted on their own white horses, uniformed musicians entertain soldiers, civilians and guests with 19th century arrangements of popular music on period horns.

From the battlefield to the parlor, the heroism and tragedy of the Civil War are brought to life throughout Greenfield Village. Join us in honoring the sacrifices and achievements of all those who bravely fought and continue to fight in defense of the American spirit.

Your experience includes

  • Military and Civilian Camps
  • Live Music
  • Hands-On Activities
  • Live Music
  • Dramatic Presentations
  • Military Tactical Demonstrations
  • Historian-Led Talks
  • Civil War Resource Center
  • Special Recognition for Veterans