National Engineers Week Celebration

Special Event at The Henry Ford

  • February 19-24, 2024
  • Time: 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

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Engineers create new possibilities all the time, working together to develop new technologies, products and opportunities that change how we live. Let's inspire the next generation by celebrating all of the ways engineers turn dreams into reality by reimagining what seems impossible.

Celebrate at Ford Rouge Factory Tour

Join us at Ford Rouge Factory Tour during National Engineers Week as we reimagine the possible. We're uplifting the focus on engineering that happens every day at the Factory Tour with tip sheets and video resources that help contextualize your on-site visit.

Featured Activity | Mobility of Tomorrow

Using autonomous miniature cars, explore city grids for self-driving vehicles, and consider how our cities may look in the future. Learn about the innovations of electric vehicles and the features popping up around metro Detroit to support the growth of alternative fuels.

Celebrate at Giant Screen Experience

Featured Film | "Cities of the Future"

Imagine stepping 50 years into the future and finding smart cities designed to be totally sustainable. Renewable energy is our primary power source, space-based solar power provides energy 24 hours a day, everything is recycled, and you have your own pod that runs on maglev trains using little or no energy. You can also ride an electric flying vehicle! Traffic jams are a thing of the past. This isn't science fiction. Engineers are making plans for a sustainable world right now. This 40-minute film premieres at Giant Screen Experience on February 16, with select showtimes playing in 3D. More details.

Celebrate at Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation

Find engineering stories throughout the museum floor, and take a tour of the Dymaxion House, which officially reopens February 19. Explore R. Buckminster Fuller's aluminum "house of the future," and discover how it might have changed the way we live.

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