Alfred Taubman

Shopping Mall Pioneer

I think inventive people have third dimensional thought. How can that object change and be better, not just different.
Alfred Taubman

About the Innovator

Trained as an architect but describing himself as a retailer, Alfred Taubman brought formidable attention to detail to every facet of the customer experience to demonstrate the shopping mall's potential as a successful retail model. He then went on to build one of the most successful collections of malls in the nation.

Why He Innovated

Committed to removing barriers between the customer and the merchandise to create the best possible shopping experience, Taubman conceived of a comprehensive philosophy that he named threshold resistance. He applied this thinking to every facet of the retail environment from parking, lighting and floor treatments to store location, amenities and more. In more recent years, he applied this philosophy more broadly to a range of philanthropic interests, helping to eliminate barriers to education, economic development and scientific research in a number of fields.