Dean Kamen

Inventor, Humanitarian

Having an invention is a rare consequence that happens every once in a while after lots of work on a specific problem.
Dean Kamen

About the Innovator

Inventor and entrepreneur Dean Kamen owns a private island in Long Island Sound. This self-proclaimed lord of North Dumpling Island has created a completely self-sufficient home powered by a combination of solar and wind technology.

Dean Kamen has dedicated his life to improving humanity through technology and engineering. Inventing products since an early age, he has designed everything from medical devices to robots. Kamen is best known for his creation of the human transportation vehicle, the Segway.

Why He Innovates

Dean Kamen is an entrepreneur and inventor committed to inspiring others. His own passion for technology and its applications has led him to establish programs for students and to the founding of the DEKA Research and Development Corp. Together with his R&D company consisting of more than 300 engineers and technicians, Kamen released many new inventions including the Independence iBOT Mobility System and the Segway Human Transporter.