Don Chadwick

Product Designer

And I didn't want to just be a stylist. And I felt like a lot of these product designers are more a stylist than anything else. And that was not interesting to me.
Don Chadwick

About the Innovator

When Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf designed the Aeron Chair for the furniture manufacturer Herman Miller, they started from a purely personal standpoint. They set aside other styles and traditions and asked the simple question, "What would I most like to sit on?" A complete mastery of the furniture designer's tools and craft enabled them to arrive at the answer.

Why He Innovates

Don Chadwick approaches furniture design as a serious and highly personal, involved endeavor. He also speaks of the need for a deep love of one’s work. From the time he learned the tools of the trade from his cabinetmaker grandfather to his early professional days in Los Angeles inspired by designers Charles and Ray Eames, Chadwick has understood that furniture design offered not only rich new creative horizons but also a chance to make a real difference in people’s lives.