Lyn St. James

Record Breaker, Businesswoman

And you get to be old news pretty quickly if you aren't out there breaking new ground, accomplishing better things.
Lyn St. James

About the Innovator

A longtime sports car enthusiast, in 1992 the Ohio businesswoman was the first woman to win Rookie of the Year at Indianapolis and went on to compete in dozens of top professional races worldwide. Over the course of her career she held dozens of closed circuit speed records and set many other firsts, including being the only woman to win an IMSA GT race driving solo.

Why She Innovates

From her love of hanging out at garages and racetracks as a child to the high points in her career as a professional race car driver, Lyn St. James has demonstrated a rare combination of acumen and tenacity—while remaining optimistic and good natured at all times. Beyond the physical conditioning and mental focus required to compete at the highest levels, St. James also demonstrated leadership in securing the corporate sponsors required to race in international events.