Paul Stankard

Master of the American Paperweight

What's important to me is to do great work. And what's important to me is [to] reach my full potential

About the Innovator

Paul Stankard is acclaimed for his mastery of the paperweight form. Born in Massachusetts in 1943, he moved with his family to southern New Jersey at the age of 15. Paul, who struggled with undiagnosed dyslexia, finished high school then attended Salem County Vocational Technical Institute where he learned to be a scientific glassblower. For several years he worked in the production glass industry--but he dreamed of being an artist.

Supported by his family and encouraged by friends, dealers and other artists, Paul left the scientific glassblowing industry in 1972 and began his creative journey. Through personal study and trial and error, Paul pushed the physical boundaries of the paperweight form and transformed his love of flowers and nature into art. His assemblages of color, form, and complex botanical arrangements are the artistic culmination of his passion and technical virtuosity.

Why He Innovates

Paul Stankard dreamed of being an artist. With support of his wife, family, friends and art dealers, Paul left his job in the production glass industry and began making paperweights. Paul studied the techniques of paperweight making. He experimented constantly and pushed boundaries. Though he struggled with a case of undiagnosed dyslexia, Paul persevered. He poured his passion for nature into his works and elevated the paperweight to the level of fine art.