Pierre Omidyar

Founder, eBay & Omidyar Network

It was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. Because at any moment, the whole system could've just come crashing down.
Pierre Omidyar

About the Innovator

Launched in 1995, "Auction Web," later known to the world as eBay, was created by Pierre Omidyar. Originally hosted on a site Omidyar had created for information on the ebola virus, the website enjoys billion dollar sales and has more than 95 million registered users.

Why He Innovates

Pierre Omidyar played an important role in helping to create the web’s resale economy and culture. Thanks to eBay, previously bought and sold items continue to exist as new potential commodities. With over 45,000 categories of merchandise, the website welcomes millions of daily visitors and powers the online auction cultural phenomenon.