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Saturday Evening Girls | June 25, 2024

Starting as a club for young women, the Saturday Evening Girls grew to become an established business called Paul Revere Pottery. The pottery helped these women, primarily Italian and Jewish immigrants, adjust to life in the United States. They produced some of the most beautiful examples of art pottery made in America and eventually tried to involve Clara Ford in their venture.

Join Curator of Decorative Arts Charles Sable for an insightful look at a little-known aspect of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

Previous Sessions

Recorded on May 22, 2024  

Exceptional Engines

Take a fascinating look at the machines that move us with Curator of Transportation Matt Anderson. Explore some of the more unusual automobile engines in The Henry Ford’s collection, like Franklin’s air-cooled crosshead of 1905 or Chrysler’s experimental gas turbine of 1963. The heart of any car is its engine, and through the evolution of engine design and technology, we discover the importance of how innovation and diversity shape the automotive landscape.


Recorded on March 28, 2024  

Animal Histories and The Henry Ford 

Curator of Agriculture and the Environment Deb Reid discusses the emerging and thriving field of agriculture history and animal histories. Learn the many ways that animals appear in The Henry Ford historical resources and where members and guests can learn more about animals while visiting Greenfield Village. Through our archival and artifact collections, this program uncovers the history of draft animals and farm stock, including milk cattle and sheep, pigs, chickens and even farm pets.


Recorded on September 18, 2023  

Lillian Schwartz: Art from Technology  

Uncover the impactful work of Lillian Schwartz with the curator of our exhibition Lillian Schwartz: Whirlwind of Creativity, Kristen Gallerneaux. Lillian is a groundbreaking filmmaker and digital multimedia artist who began working at the intersections of creativity, science, and technology in the 1960s. Learn about her time as a “resident visitor” at Bell Laboratories, where she was inspired by the possibilities of computers and also found ways to push beyond their limitations.


Recorded on August 24, 2023  

The Studio: Behind the Design  

Discover the intricate details of The Henry Ford’s period clothing studio in this virtual program. With Anne Devlin, senior manager of The Studio Office Operations & Training, learn the process behind the designs and concepts that led to the creation of our beloved seasonal costumes, like the dancing skeletons seen at Hallowe’en and the Holiday Nights mummers.


Recorded on June 26, 2023  

Building a Living History of American Glassmaking 

With Charles Sable, curator of decorative arts at The Henry Ford, we will trace the history of American glassmaking from the 18th century through the present in Greenfield Village’s Davidson-Gerson Gallery of Glass. All ages will enjoy this immersive gallery experience through our virtual Engaging Experts program.


Recorded on June 6, 2023  

Greenfield Village Ballet: A Historic Renovation 

From archival photographs to a featured video of the restoration, this behind-the-scenes program digs up details of the 2003 renovation of Greenfield Village. Join Director of Facilities Management Alec Jerome, Construction and Facilities Manager Joe Wolford, Chief Conservator Mary Fahey and Executive Producer & Head of Studio Productions Brian James Egen, who were all part of this historic renovation 20 years ago.


Recorded on May 11, 2023  

The Julia Child Connection: Histories Hidden in Her Kitchen  

Zoom in and out with curators Kristen Gallerneaux and Katherine White as they use archival photographs of Julia Child’s kitchen as a jumping-off point to explore the histories hinted at within them, from kitchen design to media representations of food culture.


Recorded on February 8, 2023  

The Detectives of The Henry Ford   

Don your detective hat as you join curatorial assistant Rachel Yerke, Curator of Decorative Arts Charles Sable and Curator of Transportation Matt Anderson in a journey with three fascinating stories: a new mystery to solve, a mystery revealed and a special once-in-100-years discovery. 


Recorded on October 24, 2022 

The Weaving Shop: A Behind-the-Scenes Special   

This Engaging Experts program will touch on the Weaving Shop’s deeply rooted history in Greenfield Village. Together with shop lead Mendy Grenz, we will uncover details of working looms; learn about the sock knitter, which makes its seasonal debut during Holiday Nights; and uncover the behind-the-scenes process to make our limited-edition holiday scarves and hand towels.


Recorded on September 6, 2022 

The Fords’ Vision for Lincoln Motor Company    

This program focuses on Ford Motor Company’s purchase of Lincoln Motor Company in 1922 and hones in on Edsel Ford’s simple but highly personal vision for the luxury automaker: to make “the best car in the world.” With Matt Anderson, curator of transportation at The Henry Ford, we’ll explore materials in our archival collection looking at Lincoln Motor Company’s first decades. 


Recorded on: August 9, 2022 

The Wright Brothers in the Bicycle Business   

In anticipation of our Twilight Bike Ride event, this program focuses on the ingenuity of the Wright brothers and how their bicycle business enabled them to pursue their flight passions and experiments. With Matt Anderson, curator of transportation at The Henry Ford, we hear stories of the Wright brothers, learn about the 1890s bicycle boom, see how the bicycle influenced the airplane and discover details of where bicycle tech was used on the 1903 Wright Flyer, a replica of which is on display in Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation.


Recorded on: July 14, 2022 

Businesswomen at Detroit Central Market  

In honor of Detroit Central Market joining Greenfield Village as our first permanent addition to the village since 2000, this program focuses on female hucksters and market gardeners who made an impression. Led by Deb Reid, curator of agriculture and the environment at The Henry Ford, we learn about causes of food fights like the Cucumber War of 1861, strategies that bound market families together, conflicts that pulled them apart and philanthropy that extended their reach.


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