Ford Rouge Factory Tour

Today at Ford Rouge Factory Tour

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Legacy Theater

Learn about the history of Ford Motor Company and the success of vertical integration at the Rouge.   Details 

Observation Deck

At 80 feet up, the Observation Deck is the best seat in the house.   Details 

Manufacturing Innovation Theater

A multisensory exploration of the manufacturing experience, from concept to highway. Filled with jaw-dropping special effects.   Details 

Assembly Plant Walking Tour

Walk the elevated walkway above the Dearborn Truck Plant’s lean and flexible final assembly line, where the aluminum body F-150 is made.   Details 

Legacy Gallery

View historic vehicles made at the Rouge, including the groundbreaking V-8, the classic Thunderbird and the Mustang. Hop in a new F-150 and visit our Factory Store.   Details 

Living Laboratory Walking Tour

See sustainable design in action; discover how natural processes deal with water, soil and air challenges at the Rouge.   Details 

The Living Roof

Planted with a drought-resistant groundcover called sedum, the roof spans 454,000 square feet (or 10.4 acres). The “Living Roof” is one of the largest in the world.   Details 

Inside the Manufacturing Innovation Theater

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