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Greenfield Village

Whether you want to experience a ride on a Model T, a carousel, or to see Greenfield Village from the comfort of a horse-drawn carriage, you’ll enjoy all the rides at Greenfield Village.

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The rides at Greenfield Village not only transport you—they hold stories, even mysteries, about America’s past. Whether you’re a passenger on the Weiser Railroad (pulled by one of the oldest steam engines) or a carousel rider atop the giant green frog (famous for its red pants), get ready to discover all our wonderful historic rides on your next visit.

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Model T Ride

Limited number of cars running

 Activity Greenfield Village®  

Model T Ride

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You’ve seen what made Ford famous, now it’s time to experience the car of the 20th century.  

Stop by Henry Ford’s Model T District and take a ride in a vintage Model T. See Greenfield Village from a whole new perspective as you coast in the first affordable, mass-produced automobile. The T seats  5 so plan accordingly. Tickets required.


Village Playground

Unique all-abilities playground

 Feature Greenfield Village®  

Village Playground

Kids will love playing on this unique all-abilities playground. Designed to resemble a 1930s construction site, the playground includes an interactive steam shovel, a 20-foot long boiler tunnel, and 1931 Model AA truck, to help create a play place for kids of all abilities.

Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


Horse Drawn Omnibus Shuttle

Closed on Mondays 

 Ride Greenfield Village®  

Horse Drawn Omnibus Shuttle

Sit back and let Greenfield Village’s team of horses shuttle you to various locations in the Village.

Omnibuses were the first great public conveyances in American cities. Dating back to 1831, these preliminary forms of public transportation made getting around relatively quick and convenient. Invented later, iron wheels on iron rails made these shuttles more comfortable and efficient.

See history from the comfort of our horse-drawn omnibus. Ride ticket required. 


Train Ride

Ride the rails. 

 Ride Greenfield Village®  

Train Ride

See history from a seat on our historic railroad. The train passes through Greenfield Village, granting the passenger a tour of the beautiful landscape and buildings of the historic town.

Ride a train pulled by one of our historic steam or diesel locomotives. Complete with historic signs, the railroad will transport you to the past. Travel the three-mile route with opportunities to get on and off at key stops throughout the Village. Ticket required. 

Additional capacity has been added to each train to allow more guests to ride the rails safely.

Weiser Railroad Ride closes for the season November 3.


Rides at Greenfield Village

Hershell-Spillman Carousel

Hop on for a ride on the beautifully hand-carved animals on this 1913 carousel. Choose your favorite artfully handcrafted animal for a ride around our restored, century-old carousel. Masks are required at all times to ride the carousel safely.  

Model T Rides

Settle back into a vintage Model T for a drive around Greenfield Village.  

Ride in Style

Visitors love to see the Village from the comfort of an Omnibus.