Celebrate Women’s History

Explore the boundary-breaking achievements of American women throughout history.

Women in Cars

Women in Racing - Celebrate Women's History

Women in Racing

Celebrate the women who’ve made their mark in the world of auto racing through artifacts from our collections.

Wheels, Women and Song - Celebrate Women's History

Wheels, Women, and Song

Join our Curator of Transportation to explore the many ways women and their cars have been portrayed in pop music.

Lyn St. James - Celebrate Women's History

Lyn St. James

Record-breaking race car driver Lyn St. James talks about her career and the past, present, and future of women in racing.

Electric Cars for Well-to-Do Women - Celebrate Women's History

Electric Cars for Well-to-Do Women

In the early 20th century, car manufacturers targeted expensive electric vehicles to women as elegant, comfortable, and easy to operate.

Women in Technology

Women at Atari - Celebrate Women's History

Women at Atari

Applaud the female video game pioneers of the early years of Atari.

Mitchell Baker - Celebrating Women's History

Mitchell Baker

Mozilla Foundation Chairperson Mitchell Baker discusses her work on the Firefox browser and the impact of open-source software.

Susan Kare - Celebrating Women's History

Pixels with Personality

Meet Susan Kare, the woman who designed the original Macintosh icons, including the trash can and save disk.

Kimberly Bryant - Celebrating Women's History

Kimberly Bryant

Watch the founder of Black Girls CODE discuss diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

Women in the Skies 

1929 Women's "Powder Puff" Air Derby - Celebrate Women's History

1929 Women's "Powder Puff" Air Derby

Explore the tragedies and triumphs of the first air race in which women were allowed to participate.

Amelia Earhart: The Iconic Aviatrix - Celebrate Women's History

Amelia Earhart: The Iconic Aviatrix

Learn the many ways Amelia Earhart cultivated her fame into a personal brand, including endorsing commercial products to help finance her flying.

Katherine Stinson - Celebrate Women's History

Katherine Stinson

Watch the story of the pioneering "Flying Schoolgirl," whose many "firsts" included becoming the first woman to perform a loop-de-loop in an airplane.

Pioneering Female Aviators - Celebrate Women's History

Pioneering Female Aviators

Discover the significant contributions women made to early aviation.

Women in Wartime

Real-Life Rosie the Riveters - Celebrate Women's History

Real-Life Rosie the Riveters

See photos from our collection that depict women factory workers during World War II.

Women and the Land - Celebrate Women's History

Women and the Land

Learn how groups like the Women's Land Army provided critical support during World War I by training women to tend farms and gardens.

Women in War Posters - Celebrate Women's History

Women in War Posters

View posters that show the many ways women supported war efforts during the first half of the 20th century.

Women Workers in World War I - Celebrate Women's History

Women Workers in World War I

Discover the women who worked in factories, for the Red Cross, or from their homes during the First World War.

Women Fight for the Vote

The Revolution - Newspaper - Celebrate Women's History

Women’s Suffrage Started with Women’s Rights

Explore the long and complex history of women’s rights, including the right to vote.

Postcard with Message Demanding Equal Suffrage for Women 1910 - Celebrate Women's History

Women’s Suffrage: Collection Highlights

Browse key artifacts from our collections related to women’s suffrage.

Votes For Women Pennant 1915 - Celebrate Women's History

The Automobile and Women’s Suffrage

Learn how the automobile became an important tool in the fight for women’s suffrage.