Advertising Card for Heinz Billboard at Ferry Union Depot, San Francisco, California, June 7, 1916


Paper (Fiber product)


Printing (Process)


Black-and-white (Colors)


Height: 5.375 in  (folded)

Width: 11.625 in  (folded)

Height: 10.5 in  (unfolded)

Width: 23.25 in  (unfolded)


written on address line: Adv. Mgr. [Advertising Manager] / H. J. Heinz Co., / Pittsburgh, Pa 1st article printed on handbill: Ferry Union Depot San Francisco / Extract From Chamber of / Commerce Report: / The survey has shown that the San Francisco / Ferry Station is the busiest terminal / in the United States, nearly 42,000,000 / persons passing through the depot yearly. / The only depot in the world from which / more people arrive and depart annually is the / Union Railroad Station in Paris. / Commuters alone to the number of 40,000 / from numerous bay cities and towns enter this / station daily. 2nd article printed on handbill: 42,000,000 Persons Pass Through this Depot Each Year; 90 per cent of all Traffic / Into and From the City / This is Greater than the Entire Population of France / These people are alert, earning buyers of the Western Metropolis and / prosperous cities within a radius of thirty miles, with an additional / population of a quarter of a million. / Foster and Kleiser Illuminated Bulletin Advertising, / as shown in this picture, blankets this immense traffic day and / night in an attractive, forceful and persistent manner. The cost is / from four to ten cents per thousand per month. / This advertising is a power to influence also a vast army of trail merchants, / jobbers and their salesmen, brokers and clerks, all very / important in the distribution problem. / The amount and character of this circulation and controlling positions / of these bulletins, are matters entitled to your serious consideration. / Write for further information, prices and photographs / Foster and Kleiser Company, San Francisco, Cal. 3rd article printed on handbill: San Francisco is the industrial and / financial center of a rich empire, lying / between the Rocky Mountains and the / Pacific Ocean, and drains this territory, commercially, from every direction. / Thousands of retail merchants and jobbers / from ten states, travel to and from San Francisco / through the ferry depot. Upon emerging / from this terminal, these bulletins are seen / directly across Embarcadero, the broadest / street in the city, and present a clean open / view, comparable with the stage of an immense / theatre. caption under panoramic photograph reads: Panoramic view from Union Depot, showing Foster and Kleiser Illuminated Bulletins.

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