Letter from Frida Kahlo to Edsel Ford regarding Ricardo Arias Vinas, November 19, 1939


Letter (Correspondence)

Date Made

19 November 1939

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By Request in the Benson Ford Research Center

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From the Collections of The Henry Ford. Gift of Ford Motor Company.


Paper (Fiber product)




Black-and-white (Colors)


Typewritten: Coyoacan D.F. November 19th 1939. Mr. Edsel Ford. DEARBORN. Michigan. Dear Edsel, There is such a long time ago since I saw you in Detroit that perhaps you won't even remember me, and this letter will surprise you, but I hope it won't bother you very much an take up your time. My purpose is omly to explain you the case of a very good friend of mine, a catalonian boy Ricardo Arias Vinas, who came recently to Mexico from Spain. He worked as a dealer of the Ford Motor Iberica during ten years in Gerona Catalunia. During the movement, taking advantage of his position as Chief of transportation of Catalunia, he could obtain the devolution and full payment of several ~ities which were stolen from your factory in Catalufia at the begi­ning of war. Before working for you, he was during three years an agent of General Motors with success, so he realy has thirteen years of experience in the automobile bussinees. He has in his possession a letter from the European Central (Essex) which guarantees all his actuation as a good Ford worker. Besides, the Assistant Director of your plant in Barcelona, Mr. Ubach, can give any kind of information about Mr. Arias Vinas. His present situation in Mexico is this; with all his experience he could get a job quite easily, but having worked for the Ford Motor Co. such a long time, he would gladly prefer to get a position in your Plant in Mexico City. If you were so kind to write to me just a note which Mr. Arias could present to your Manager here, Mr. Adrian R. Lajous, that would facilitate enormously his entrance in the Plant, according to his experience. I would apreciate very much all the interest you may give to my petition. Let me thank you in advance for your kindness, hoping that this favor will not cause you any trouble. Please be so kind to give my love to Mrs Ford and your children, to your parents, and also to all the good friends from Detroit, especially to Dr. Valentiner and Bob Tannahill. Diego is working as hard as always. We remember Detroit always with a great pleasure and we hope to go back once. Thanks again a million times for all your kindness and please accept my best regards. I beg you to forgive my awful English. Sincerely yours, Frida Kahlo de Rivera. Your house: Avenida Londres 127. Coyoacan. D.F. Mexico Handwritten on left edge: As you can see I am an awful typewriter. Please forgive me.

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