Ensar Microwave Oven Cookware, 1983-1986



Date Made



Not on exhibit to the public.

Object ID



From the Collections of The Henry Ford.




Light pink


Height: .75 in  (Pan)

Width: 8.75 in  (Pan)

Length: 8 in  (Pan)

Height: 1.625 in  (Tray)

Width: 11 in  (Tray)

Length: 6.375 in  (Tray)

Height: 1 in  (Cover)

Width: 10.375 in  (Cover)

Length: 7.125 in  (Cover)

Height: 8 in  (Packaging)

Width: 11 in  (Packaging)

Length: 2.125 in  (Packaging)


on top of front handle of pan: MICROWAVE USE ONLY on top, proper left handle of tray: MICROWAVE USE ONLY on bottom of tray: ENSAR CORP. / WHEELING, IL 60090 / PAT. PEND. MADE IN USA on top and bottom of packaging: MICROWAVE FISH COOKER / WHOLE FISH / FILLETS / FISH STEAKS on proper right side of packaging: MICROWAVE FISH COOKER on proper left side of packaging: MADE IN USA / ENSAR CORPORATION / PATENT PENDING / 1003 / WHEELING, IL 60090 on back of packaging: MICROWAVE FISH COOKER / COOKS / POACHES / STEAMS / Use for cooking, steaming, poaching and serving. / A healthy way to cook while saving time and entery. / The removable slotted tray has handles for easy lifting and draining. / Built in rack on bottom of pan keeps tray above water and juices for perfect cooking or steaming. / Also great for vegetables and reheating. / Top shelf dishwasher safe. / For microwave use only. / Do not use for bacon or foods with high fat content. / SEE RECIPES PRINTED ON INSIDE OF BOX / While wearing mitts, lift out slotted tray and excess liquid will drain off. Then tilt the tray to allow fish to slide onto the serving plate. / Wear oven mitts while removing fish cooker from the microwave and open lid away from yourself and face to avoid hot steam. / Cover / Removable slotted tray / Pan

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