Spencer Tracy and George Meader in a Movie Still from "Edison, The Man," 1939


Paper (Fiber product)


Gelatin silver process


Black-and-white (Colors)


Height: 8 in

Width: 10 in


printed on back: "A MINISTER IS SURPRISED...Thomas Edison (Spencer Tracy) / astounds a minister (George Meader) in this scene for /Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's "Edison, the Man" by turning the / handle of his talking machine and playing back the group / of tongue-twisting Biblical names which the minister in- / sisted upon speaking into the horn to see if the machine / was only a trick of ventriloquism. This scene takes place / at a demonstration on the lower floor of Edison's Menlo / Park Laboratory and the event actually took place in / Edison's career with the phonograph. Clarence Brown / directs the film, produced by John W. Considine, Jr."

Menlo Park Laboratory


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