The Abraham Lincoln Chair as Photographed in April 1865, "The Chair Lincoln Sat in When He Was Shot"



Date Made


Subject Date

April 1865


Taylor & Huntington 

Place of Creation

United States, Connecticut, Hartford 

Creator Notes

Using photographs taken in 1865, this card was published 1885-1892 by Taylor and Huntington of Hartford, Connecticut.

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By Request in the Benson Ford Research Center

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From the Collections of The Henry Ford.


Paper (Fiber product)


Albumen process
Printing (Process)


Black-and-white (Colors)
Orange (Color)


Height: 4 in

Width: 6.875 in


Printed on front of either side of stereograph image: on left side: 1861 The War for the Union. 1865 Printed on front right side: 1861 Photographic War History. 1865 Handwritten into image on lower right side: 3405 Printed on front, lower right under the image: 3405. The Chair Lincoln sat in when he was Shot. (For Description of this view see the other side of this card) Printed on back of images: 3405. The Chair Lincoln sat in when he was Shot. This easy chair was placed in the private box in Ford's Theater, Washington, specially for the use of President Lincoln, who, after the wearisome toil of the day liked to rest himself and for the time forget the cares of State by watching the play at the theater. It was while sitting in this chair on the evening of April 14, 1865, that the cowardly assassin sneaked into the private box and creeping up behind the noble Lincoln, fired the fatal shot. Printed in middle section: 1861-- PHOTOGRAPHIC HISTORY-- 1865 This series of pictures are ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHS taken during the war of the Rebellion. More than a quarter of a century has passed away since the sun painted these real scenes of that great war, and the "negatives" (made by the old "wet plate" process) have undergone chemical changes which renders it slow and difficult work to get "prints" from them. Of course no more "negatives" can be made, as the scenes represented by this series of war views have passed away forever. The great value of these pictures is apparent. Some "negatives" are entirely past printing from, and all of them are very slow printers. Also printed on back: A Word as to Prices: A gentleman... [a very long anecdote which does not refer to this image of the Lincoln chair]...If you wish for a catalogue of the war views, send a stamp and your address to Yours in F.C and L., TAYLOR AND HUNTINGTON, Sole Owners of the Original War Views. No.2 State St. HARTFORD, CONN.

Rocking Chair Used by Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Th...


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