Charles C. Hart Seed Company "Burbank Slicing Tomato" Seed Packet, circa 2018


Seed packet

Date Made

circa 2018


Chas. C. Hart Seed Company 

Place of Creation

United States 


Not on exhibit to the public.

Object ID



From the Collections of The Henry Ford.


Paper (Fiber product)


Black (Color)
Gray (Color)
White (Color)


Height: 4.5 in

Width: 3.25 in


on front: ORGANIC / TOMATO / Burbank slicing / PLANT HART'S SEEDS (R) / $2.39 Net WT. 100 MG / USDA ORGANIC on back: TOMATO / Burbank Slicing / Harvest in 75 days from transplant Height 3-4 feet / In 1915, Luther Burbank, the famous plant breeder, introduced his namesake tomato after years of reselecting plants for their resistance to disease and excellent flavored fruit. Sturdy determinate vines remain compact with deep red 3-4" round fruit borne in clusters. Good 'old fashion' tomato flavor, just as Luther wanted! Very disease resistant. / SOWING...seeds inside in 'soil-less' mix 4-6 weeks before the last frost date in your area. Plant seeds 1/8" deep 2" apart. Keep evenly moist until first true leaves appear. / THINNING...when plants are 2-3" tall, transplant into 4" individual pots. Transplant into the garden when all danger of frost has past. Final spacing should be 36" apart. Supplying tomato ages will help support the plants when loaded with ripening fruit clusters. / GERMINATION...10-15 days, depending on soil temperature and moisture. Placing seedling tray on a heat-mat will hasten germination. / REMARKS...When transplanting into the garden, remove the lower leaves and bury the stem deep into the soil. Those 'hairs' on the stem will turn into roots and supply the plant with extra nutrition and support. / GE Free / Our organic seed is produced by USDA certified organic growers, is untreated & not produced through genetic engineering. For more information along left side of back: The Chas. C. Hart Seed Co. / 304 Main St, Weathersfield, CT 06109 / Certified Organic By BOC stamped along bottom of back: PKD FOR 2018 SELL BY 12/18 / LOT 572 152

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