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Virtual Meeting Backgrounds to Inspire Brilliant Ideas

May 8, 2020 Innovation Impact

If you’re ready to bring more innovative thinking, collaboration and can-do spirit to your virtual meetings? These background images will help you conduct your meeting in the original environments that are part of The Henry Ford collections and experiences. They include Thomas Edison’s lab, the Wright Brothers Cycle Shop, Mathematica, Dymaxion House, an 18th-century farmhouse, railroad roundhouse and a real automotive factory. 

You can download additional backgrounds from our digital collections

Here are the instructions to set the images below as your background on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. 

Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation

Dymaxion House
Background - Exterior Dymaxion
Background Interior Dymaxion

Driving America

Background Driving America - Auto

Background Driving America - Auto - Second Choice

Lamy’s Diner
Background Driving America - Lamy's Diner

Exploded Ford Model T
Background Exploded Ford Model T

Mathematica Virtual Backgrounds

Gothic Revival Beam Engine
Background Gothic Revival Beam Engine

Rosa Parks Bus 
Background Rosa Parks Bus


Greenfield Village

Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park Lab
Background Menlo Park Lab

Wright Cycle Shop
Background Wright Cycle Shop

Cotswold Cottage
Background Cotswold Cottage

DT&M Roundhouse
Background Roundhouse

Daggett Farmhouse
Background Daggett Farmhouse

Weiser Railroad
Background Train Crossing

Ford Rouge Factory Tour

Legacy Gallery
Background FRFT Legacy Gallery Assembly Plant Tour
Background FRFT Assembly Line - 1
Background FRFT Assembly Line - 2
Background FRFT Assembly Line - 3

Ford Rouge Factory Complex, Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village

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