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Women in Agricultural Work and Research

February 8, 2022 Archive Insight
Woman works at machine set up with many spools of yarn
Woman with Machine Spinning Soybean Fiber into Soylon Thread, March 1943 / THF272609

One of The Henry Ford’s main collecting areas is agriculture and the environment. Last fall, Processing Archivist Hilary Severyn shared highlights from our archives around women in agricultural work and research as part of our History Outside the Box program on Instagram. If you missed it, you can check out her selections, which range from women working on soybean research to the Women’s Land Army to Rachel Carson’s fight against pesticides, in the video below.

Our “Women in Agricultural Work and Research” History Outside the Box presentation. / Instagram

If you want to learn more, you can check out our Digital Collections for more artifacts related to women and agriculture or women and environmentalism. You can find out more about Henry Ford’s interest in the industrial uses of soybeans on our blog or read about how the Henry Ford Institute of Agricultural Engineering in England trained women for the Women’s Land Army. You can also contact the Benson Ford Research Center via AskUs (or phone, e-mail, or mail—contact info available on the AskUs page) with your questions. And don’t forget to follow The Henry Ford on Instagram to catch a new History Outside the Box Insta story every month.

Hilary Severyn is Processing Archivist and Ellice Engdahl is Digital Collections and Content Manager at The Henry Ford.

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