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Innovation Virtual Learning Series Recap: Week 10

June 8, 2020 Innovation Impact

We hope you enjoyed this week’s experiences focused on Learning from Failure. Were you inspired to create or invent something? Please share your story or photos with us on social media using #WeAreInnovationNation!

If you missed anything from our series this past week, check out the recordings and resources below. We hope that you will join us this upcoming week to explore new themes drawn from our Model i Learning Framework, focusing on how innovators Challenge the Rules.

What We Covered This Week
How can we learn from our mistakes?

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STEAM Stories
Our STEAM story of the week was After the Fall, How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again by Dan Santat. Everyone knows that Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, but what happened after?  How did he summon the courage to overcome his fears?

Then we learned about the many ways we use rocks with a lesson from  our early childhood curriculum, Innovate for Tots and a coloring page featuring the Cotswold Cottage. Watch the video here.

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#InnovationNation Tuesdays

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Innovation Journeys Live!
On Wednesday we hope you were able to join us for an Innovation Journey Live and learn how Henry J. Heinz effectively communicated with and persuaded consumers through the power of advertising with Project Curator William Davidson Foundation Initiative for Entrepreneurship at The Henry Ford, Samantha Johnson. Watch the video here.

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Kid Inventor Profile
In our Friday segment we will learn how Learning from Failure helped 9th grader Ethan Klein from Connecticut. Ethan is no stranger to invention, including cardboard obstacle courses for hamsters at the age of three and a cat-powered dental extractor by 7. His first 3D printer opened the door to more complex and scalable projects. Winning both the STEMIE and Best in Education awards at the 2018 National Invention Convention was exactly the boost of confidence he needed to forge forward with 3DuxDesign and his mission to inspire the next generation of innovators, one cardboard box at a time. Now for sale throughout the country, including in The Henry Ford gift shop, the 3DuxDesign cardboard-based modeling system includes lessons and monthly design challenges that offer a fun and engaging platform to inspire students to imagine, design and build solutions to real world problems. Watch video here.

Learn more below about how our Innovate Curriculum activities can keep your child innovating here:

Resource Highlight: Innovate Curriculum, Invention Convention Curriculum
In our continued efforts to help parents, students and educators during these times of uncertainty, The Henry Ford is providing helpful tips that assist parents in adapting its educational tools for implementation at home.

This week we are highlighting lessons from both the Innovate Curriculum and Invention Convention Curriculum:
Designed to accelerate core discipline performance, Innovate helps middle and high school students connect their subject matter to real-world applications through innovation understanding and skills development, unleashing every student’s potential to develop groundbreaking ideas. Students journey from learning the habits and actions of innovators to unleashing the innovator within. Create your free account today to access four interactive courses.

Keep in mind that these courses were designed to be completed in a classroom setting, so feel free to adapt the courses for home use. We focus this week on:
INNOVATE 103: Unleash Your Ideas as You Learn to Think Like an Entrepreneur 

Students discover how to move ideas forward by identifying customers, what to do to protect their ideas, how to communicate with an audience and how to pitch to investors.

Check out the activities for Lesson 4: Communicating to Customers, share your experience and follow others as they engage in our digital learning opportunities using the hashtag #WeAreInnovationNation.

Our Invention Convention Curriculum is a program open to students in grades K-12. The lessons teach students skills that will give young innovators the chance to design, build, and pitch an original invention to their peers and judges. Competitions are held at local or regional levels and those qualifying move on to state competition. State qualifiers can then compete at the Invention Convention U.S. Nationals held here at The Henry Ford.  This week we focused on the step of Ideating.

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