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Maker Faire Detroit Spotlight: Mike Gould

October 5, 2012 Innovation Impact

Laser artist and maker Mike Gould these past weeks has set up shop in the lobby of the JW Marriott Hotel in Grand Rapids, Mich., as part of the city’s three-week ArtPrize 2012 event. Mike received one of MAKE magazine’s editor’s choice awards during Maker Faire Detroit in July.

Mike Gould and his laser lights during set up at Maker Faire Detroit.

He exhibited his work in the Plaza in Henry Ford Museum. He brought with him and displayed some of the equipment he’s made and collected throughout his exploration of creating art with light. He also very generously shared with visitors his journey and love of the craft.

Visitors to Maker Faire Detroit were able to get their hands on some of Mike’s early DIY laser light equipment.

Henry is checking out Wayne Gillis' Interociter, made with some box-building help from Mike Gould , circa 1974.

Asha gets intense as she checks out Mike’s Willy Maize, built in 2010.

At ArtPrize 2012, Mike talks to daytime visitors to the JW Marriot Hotel, but starts his Stratus 10 exhibit – for obvious reasons - after sundown. The display is very visible from the outside, Mike said. “You can see it from across the river, from the walk bridge and when you’re driving by on the highway.”

Mike has a link to a live photo stream of his display, and his display is featured in a recent compilation video called ArtPrize 2012 in Motion.

Check out Mike’s website for more cool images as well as the ArtPrize 2012 page profiling him and his work.

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