Marvel at bubbles that seem impossible, send ball bearings on a path to orbit and explore mathematical concepts in our newest permanent exhibit designed by Charles and Ray Eames.

Glass Gallery x2

With the Davidson-Gerson Modern Glass Gallery opening in Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation last fall, Greenfield Village is the site for the next chapter in this exhibit's story.

Fashion for the Future

Creating soft goods with 3-D printing was unheard of until three friends developed a process to use techniques from biomedical engineering.

What Makes Studio Glass Stand Out?

Modern studio glass—a blend of art, science, and technological innovation—embraces the notion of glass as a medium for creative expression, in contrast to its use in industrial production.

Cutting Up the Cube

Ever have an idea that just got away from you? That's the story behind the office cubicle we all love to hate and its underappreciated designer Robert Propst.

And the Award Goes To …

Chief Curator Marc Greuther presented the Curator’s Choice Award at this year’s Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA) awards to …

Comfort on Display

A new and surprisingly humble addition to the Fully Furnished exhibit in Henry Ford Museum represents one step in the development of comfortable seating.

50 Years of High Design in Radio

This group of radios documents 50 years of design, showing a dynamic range of materials and forms — from bakelite to glass, the glamorous to the ubiquitous, space age to the miniature age.

An Evening on the Partio

The upscale Partio -- an all-in-one electric range, charcoal barbeque, and rotisserie -- evokes America's sense of optimism during the Eisenhower era.

The Henry Ford Black Collection

Henry Ford refused to slow down production, so color choices were abandoned. These gifts honor his boldness, his vision and of course, his stubbornness.

Stunning Studio Glass

Learn about the evolution of modern studio glass — a blend of art, science, and technological innovation — by exploring pieces from the Bruce and Ann Bachman Collection.

Gothic Revival

Before dark clothing and dyed jet-black hair, gothic style was an alternative trend for victorian Americans.

On Loan: Tall Case Clock

Visiting Conneticut? We've recently loaned a Tall Case Clock to the Yale University Art Gallery for their exhibit Art and Industry in Early America: Rhode Island Furniture, 1650–1830.

Comfortable Seating

Our experts reveal the surprisingly curious connections between two quirky early American chair designs and one modern classic.

Coming Soon: American Style & Spirit

Walk through a living catalog of American style spanning 130 years. Rare in scope and detail, dozens of wearable time capsules — discovered carefully boxed up in an attic — tell an engaging epic of American style and spirit.

Edsel's Early Years

Explore the sense of art and design evident in Edsel Ford's early artwork to learn how his vision shaped future Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models.

House of Glass

Large manufacturing facilities aren’t always associated with light and architectural beauty — unless they’ve been designed by famed industrial architect Albert Kahn.

Awarding Design Excellence

Visit Henry Ford Museum this summer to see winning entries from the Industrial Designers Society of America's International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA 2016®).

The Chairless Chair

Designers in Switzerland are working to produce a tool to provide support for workers who are required to stand to perform their jobs.

Functional Furniture

The first heating stoves, sewing machines, and televisions seemed out of place next to furniture, so designers used cabinetry to conceal functional parts so they would blend into their environments.

Icon Exploded

This artistically suspended piece explores the complex way plywood, leather, and aluminum came together to form Charles and Ray Eames' innovative -- yet classic -- lounge chair and ottoman.

Revolutionary Style

Paul Revere showed his strength as a true American craftsman with his elegant and personal interpretation of the European style in silversmithing.

Announcing: American Style & Spirit

Explore 130 years of fashions and lives of an entrepreneurial family. As American as aspiration, the clothing reveals a sense of self-expression against a backdrop of history.

A New Look at Studio Glass

Dive deep into the story of studio glass with the artists who pushed the boundaries of traditional glassmaking in the new Davidson-Gerson Modern Glass Gallery.

A Welcome Sign

Charles and Ray Eames' fascination with the circus and early Americana comes to life in signage designed for the 1964 World's Fair.

Remarkable Radio

A study in contrasts, this angular 1937 Sparton radio was created by Walter Dorwin Teague, a designer renowned for his use of streamlined forms.

Illustrations for Life in Space

In the early 1980s, Detroit-area industrial design firm Sundberg-Ferar, Inc. worked with the Lockheed Corporation and NASA to develop concepts for a manned space station.