Lines of the Times

This surprisingly simple machine kept thousands of rules in line with its perfectly synchronized parts.

Learn from a Champion of Change

Join us March 18 as we welcome Kimberly Bryant, founder of Black Girls CODE to share her experience and inspiration as the first guest in our new Innovation Nation Speaker Series. Free with museum admission!

Weaving Complex Code

Remarkable looms, like the Jacquard loom in Greenfield Village have a unique and unexpected commonality with early computers.

Weaving Winds with the Theremin

Virtuoso Dorit Chrysler speaks with our Curator of Communications and Information Technology Kristen Gallerneaux about theremins, her music career and the importance of collaboration.

Capturing Code

When an amateur radio operator detected coded messages, he invented a device to capture them, creating the earliest recordings of radio signals.

Innovation Icon: 1896 Duryea Runabout

Charles and Frank Duryea typified the mechanically-minded experimenters who built the first American automobiles, and their invention is now an icon for the industry it established.

Connect 3: Translation

Discover how the sounding of dots and dashes, a birthdate written on paper, and words spoken by a robotic voice connect to one another.

It's an Engineer Take-Over

Transform ideas into reality as we bring engineering to life February 18-25 with special programs and hands-on learning – plus the new film Dream Big.

Game Over?

From Pong to Ms. Pac-Man, early video games pushed the limits of available technology until they landed in a New Mexico landfill.

The Edison's Lab Collection

The laboratory at Menlo Park was an invention factory turning ideas into products made from wood, wire, glass and metal. Shop a collection inspired by an icon.

A Company Hack Goes Global

The origins of Hewlett Packard’s HP-35 Scientific Calculator began with a challenge to get a forty-pound machine into a shirt pocket.
Enter to Win

Enter to Win a Meccanoid 5

Take your big ideas to the next level and be entered to win your very own robot when you subscribe to THF OnMaking, our email newsletter for tinkerers, hackers and makers.

Make Something: Saturdays

Motivate your kids to be the next great innovator with hands-on activities and open play inspired by past and present-day change makers Saturdays in Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation.

New on the Giant Screen: Dream Big

Take a journey of discovery with today’s engineers as they shape the world of tomorrow in the new film Dream Big: Engineering Our World. Become a member to see it free.

A Keyboard Made of Fruit?

Use a MaKey MaKey and some basic principles of circuitry to turn any objects – including fruits and vegetables – into music that's truly bananas.

Communicating Across Continents

In 1865, the SS Great Eastern steamship began its journey to lay an underwater cable capable of transmitting Morse code across the Atlantic Ocean. Would this be the journey that wired the world?

Behind the Scenes at Edison's Lab

Thomas Edison created groundbreaking inventions in his fully-equipped workshop, Menlo Park Laboratory. See it as he did, and find out how it was restored to its former glory.

Playful Polymers

Imagine what you could create with a substance that can be rubbery, sticky or hard. If you can think it, you can make it out of polymers.