Burroughs "Magic Square Machine," circa 1950


Adding machine

Date Made

circa 1950


Not on exhibit to the public.

Object ID



From the Collections of The Henry Ford. Gift of Burroughs, Inc.




Silver (Color)
Black (Color)


Height: 9.25 in

Width: 9 in

Length: 13.25 in


tag on top: HERE'S HOW / Pick Any Number from 1 to 60. / Locate the Magic Squares in Which Your Number Appears. / On Each Square is a Mystic Symbol. Find This Symbol on the Keyboard of the Mystic Number Machine, and Depress That Key. Then Depress the Memory Bar. / Repeat this Procedure--Pressing First the Proper Mystic Symbol and Then the Memory Bar--Until You Have Depressed all the Keys for the Squares in Which Your Number Appears. / Then Depress the Magic Key. The Machine Will Print the Number You Have in Mind. / (If You Depress a Wrong Symbol Key, Press the Magic Key and Start Over) button on top: MAGIC KEY bar on top, proper left side: MEMORY BAR on front: Burroughs / A977708

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