Civil War Remembrance

A time to reflect. A time to celebrate.

Special Event at Greenfield Village

  • May 26 - 28, 2018
  • Time: Open Saturday until 9pm

Free with Village admission.

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Your experience includes

  • 1860s fashions and street clothing
  • Military Tactical Demonstrations
  • Recognition, Commemoration and Presentation
  • Live Music
  • Civil War Resource Center
  • Special Presentations
  • Historians' Insights
  • Military and Civilian Camps
  • Hands-on Activities
  • Dramatic Presentations
  • Free with Greenfield Village Admission

Ticket Prices

Parking is $6 per vehicle for non-members, free for members.

Greenfield Village

    Member Non­member
Senior (62+) Free $25.50
General Admission (12-61) Free $28.00
Youth (5-11) Free $21.00
Children (4 & Under) Free Free

* Ticket prices are subject to change.

Remember and Learn

Greenfield Village offers you the opportunity to learn about and challenge the many viewpoints of the Civil War period. Hear from both Union and Confederate soldiers along with the people on the home fronts as they present Civil War Remembrance.