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Innovation Virtual Learning Series Recap: Week 9

May 29, 2020 Innovation Impact

We hope you enjoyed this week’s experiences focused on Taking Risks. Were you inspired to create or invent something? Please share your story or photos with us on social media using #WeAreInnovationNation!

If you missed anything from our series this past week, check out the recordings and resources below. We hope that you will join us this upcoming week to explore new themes drawn from our Model i Learning Framework, focusing on how innovators Learn from Failure.

What We Covered This Week
How can we be brave and do new things to make the world a better place?

STEAM Stories
Our STEAM story of the week was I Will Be Fierce by Bea Birdsong and illustrated by Nidhi Chanani. I Will Be Fierce was a 2020 Southern Book Prize Finalist and is a powerful picture book about courage, confidence, kindness, and finding the extraordinary in everyday moments. Check it out with your favorite online reading service. Then we learned about the many ways we use metal and fabric with a lesson from  our early childhood curriculum, Innovate for Tots and a coloring page featuring George Washington’s Camp Bed.

#InnovationNation Tuesdays

Innovation Journeys Live!
On Wednesday we hope you were able to join us for an Innovation Journey Live and learn how writers took risks to bring their comic book heroes to life with Senior Curator and Curator of Public Life at The Henry Ford, Donna Braden. Watch the video here.


After a disappointing family vacation, Memphis developer Kemmons Wilson created a new motel that revolutionized industry standards and became the nation’s largest lodging chain. Associate Curator Saige Jedele hosted this week's Twitter chat about Wilson’s Holiday Inns and the broader history of roadside lodging. See highlights from her chat here.

Kid Inventor Profile
In our Friday segment we learned how Taking Risks helped Javiera Antonia Olivares Vidal (Yo Invento, Chile), who has devised a way of making insulation tiles using recycled Tetra Pak cartons. Watch the video here.

Learn more below about how our Innovate Curriculum activities can keep your child innovating here.

Resource Highlight: Innovate Curriculum
In our continued efforts to help parents, students and educators during these times of uncertainty, The Henry Ford is providing helpful tips that assist parents in adapting its educational tools for implementation at home.

This week we are again highlighting a lesson from the Innovate Curriculum. Designed to accelerate core discipline performance, Innovate helps middle and high school students connect their subject matter to real-world applications through innovation understanding and skills development, unleashing every student’s potential to develop groundbreaking ideas. Students journey from learning the habits and actions of innovators to unleashing the innovator within. Create your free account today to access four interactive courses.

Keep in mind that these courses were designed to be completed in a classroom setting, so feel free to adapt the courses for home use. We focus this week on:

INNOVATE 101: Inspire Our Future as an Innovative Thinker
Students learn about the unique qualities that make an innovator, and how innovative thinking can not only solve problems but create world-changing social transformation.

Check out the activities for Lesson 5: Try Things Out, share your experience and follow others as they engage in our digital learning opportunities using the hashtag #WeAreInnovationNation. 

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