Rediscover and Reuse

The connections between a manure spreader, a quilt, and a recycling bin show how useful ideas from the past shape possibilities for the future.

Beautiful Bottles and Flasks

Before you visit the new Davidson-Gerson Gallery of Glass in Greenfield Village, browse some of the most visually appealing examples from our 10,000-piece collection.

Cast Your Ballot for Cake

In early America, the electoral process brought festivity and revelry. Enormous spiced and fruit-studded Election Cakes were baked to feed an entire community of voters.

Gooseberry Fool

We use sweet summer gooseberries from our gardens and fresh whipped cream to make this classic dessert from the historic recipe bank.

Michigan Morel Potage

Start supper with the last of your winter root vegetables and the earliest of this season's morels and tender ramps.

Rare and Wrinkled Sheep

The Merino sheep on our farms have been back-bred to restore their breed's original traits, meaning they'll produce even more of the softest, warmest wool.

Inside the Pottery Shop

Watch potters in Liberty Craftworks create beautiful and functional pieces inspired by 300 years of American craftsmanship.

Mac & Cheese that Will Please

Rufus Estes was born a slave but as a free man, he became a chef, cooking for American presidents and celebrities. Try his own recipe for this comfort food classic.

Taste What's New at Lamy's

From the paper straws in your frappe to the freshly made classic clam chowder, Lamy's dishes up authenticity in a late-1940s Massachusetts diner.

A Story Woven of Cloth

Immerse yourself in a collection of clothing telling the story of the American experience spanning more than 130 years.

An Attic Full of Stories

Rarely does one family preserve clothing, spanning decades. And often, family clothing that is saved has lost its personal story. But not these garments…

Hallowe'en in Greenfield Village

Explore new pathways and spooky surprises by the light of over a thousand hand-carved jack-o'-lanterns. Whether you're headed to a candy-coated witch's house or a graveyard filled with mischief, you're in for a treat.

A Wardrobe Workshop

Peek inside our on-site clothing studio to discover what it takes to make sure everyone at The Henry Ford looks their part.

Steam-Powered Agriculture

Before the Age of Steam, American farmers hand-threshed wheat or oats with a flail. When machines like our Port Huron Thresher were introduced, daily production increased a hundredfold.

Homegrown Wearables

Designers disillusioned with fast fashion look to create a grassroots garment industry one handmade shirt at a time.

Keeping a Grip on Spring Cleaning

Hanging laundry rather than using automatic dryers is ideal for conserving energy, but clotheslines have stretched across basements and backyards since before it was chic to be green.

Gifts in Good Taste

Recipes are one of the most delicious ways to explore other places and times. Try these signature food items, created with inspiration from our farms, to see for yourself.

Warm Clothes Reimagined

Mid-20th century quilter Susana Hunter gave old materials – like her husband's denim overalls and flannel work shirts – new life as quilts.

Annual Farmers Market

An open-air market for the 21st century. Local herbs, artisanal ointments, organic spices, heirloom seeds and more.

Salute to America

The Henry Ford and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra have made the difficult decision to cancel Salute to America live in Greenfield Village from July 1-4, 2020, and will instead broadcast an hour-long primetime program alongside WDIV-Local-4. Click above for more information.

Plan Ahead for Better Beekeeping

Learn how to harvest honey in a new way that's sensitive to bees needs and produces sweet flavor with less sting in this segment from The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation.

New England Cider Cake

Cider cakes were among the first uniquely American cakes, baked with mostly local ingredients. Half a pint of hard cider keeps this cake moist and leaves plenty left for the baker.

Mix a Mint Julep

No Kentucky Derby party is complete without the classic mint julep. Prepare to wow your guests with this cocktail from our historic recipe bank. 

Bootleg Booze

Would you mix a cocktail with this Canadian alcohol smuggled into Detroit during Prohibition?