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January 17, 2022 Archive Insight

Three men in suits, one in middle holding hat, pose for a photo in front of large equipment or machinery
Edsel Ford, Charlie Chaplin, and Henry Ford Touring the Ford Motor Company Highland Park Plant, October 1923 / THF134659

Every month, staff from our library and archives select some interesting items from our collections to showcase on The Henry Ford’s Instagram account. In our every-first-Friday History Outside the Box offering, our collections experts share photographs, documents, and other artifacts around a given theme. Last summer, Reference Archivist Kathy Makas showcased some celebrity sightings from our archives—actors, actresses, and other luminaries visiting Ford Motor Company’s factories, World’s Fairs, and The Henry Ford’s own campus; showcasing their cars; and more. If you missed the Insta story, you can check out the presentation below.

Our July 2021 History Outside the Box program featuring celebrities found in our collections. / Instagram

If you’d like to explore further, you can check out our Digital Collections for more actors and actresses or check out our set of famous visitors to Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation or Greenfield Village. Or, try searching on the name of your own favorite celebrity in our Digital Collections to see if anything turns up. You can also contact the Benson Ford Research Center at any time if you have questions or would like more information, and be sure to follow us on Instagram to catch all of our History Outside the Box presentations live.

Kathy Makas is Reference Archivist and Ellice Engdahl is Digital Collections and Content Manager at The Henry Ford.


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