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Employee Clubs, Sports, and Activities at Ford Motor Company

January 3, 2022 Archive Insight
Group of seven men in suits play instruments on a field with people in the background
Ford Novelty Band Playing at Ford Baseball Team Game, 1941 / THF271722

Every month, we feature some items from our archives in our History Outside the Box program. You can check the new story out on The Henry Ford’s Instagram account on the first Friday of the month, but we’re reposting some of the stories here on our blog as well. In May 2021, Reference Archivist Kathy Makas shared photographs, articles, and other documents ranging from the 1910s through the 1950s that detail how employees at Ford Motor Company spent their leisure time. Learn more about Ford’s musical groups, sports teams, gardeners, and social/service clubs in the video below.

History Outside the Box presentation for May 2021. / Instagram

If you’re intrigued to learn even more, you’ll find posts on our blog about the Ford Pipers and the Ford Girls’ Club participation in holiday doll dressmaking for the Goodfellows, or you can explore dozens of posts about Ford workers and Ford Motor Company in general. Our Digital Collections also contain more artifacts that relate to Ford bands, Ford sports, and Ford employee gardening. You can always contact the Benson Ford Research Center with any questions.

Kathy Makas is Reference Archivist and Ellice Engdahl is Digital Collections and Content Manager at The Henry Ford.

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