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Making Eagle Tavern's Butternut Squash Soup

October 22, 2013 Think THF, Innovation Impact
During the fall you'll find warm bowls of our very popular butternut squash soup in restaurants across our campus at The Henry Ford. This simple, satisfying soup continues to be our most requested recipe--and now you can see the soup-making process for yourself courtesy of our Executive Chef (then Executive Sous Chef) David McGregor.

Using fresh, local ingredients from some of our regular vendors here in southeastern Michigan, this recipe yields about a half gallon. It's up to you whether you add vegetable or chicken stock; it's all about taste.

A silver tray holds ceramic dishes with roasted squash, milk or cream, butter, and other ingredients

As you'll see in the video, Chef David uses some of our Shop Greenfield Village pottery to prep his ingredients. You can set your table with the Eagle Tavern look with our Eagle Tavern collection.

Try making the soup this week. Let us know what you think--how do you personalize the recipe?

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