Visit Santa in the Arctic

Start your holiday celebration with the early pioneers of aviation on a journey to the North Pole to visit with Santa. Then finish up with a showing of The Polar Express on our Giant Screen.

Teacher Meet-Up at Maker Faire® Detroit

Spending your summer break being energized at Maker Faire® Detroit? On Sunday, July 31st, get out of the heat and spend an hour brainstorming how making & Maker Faire® can be part of your school.

Inspired Student Stories

Students from around the United States submitted creative stories about Rosa Parks for this year's Building Stories contest. And the winners are…

Field Trip Tips

Spark creative conversation and learning when you plan your visit to The Henry Ford with these tested tips.

You're Invited to Educator Open House

Bring a guest and join us for free addmission to Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village, plus receive free admission to the Giant Screen Experience and the Ford Rouge Factory Tour when you attend one of our Must-Attend sessions.

Now Playing: Teacher's Choice

Choose your customized experience with National Parks Adventure, Deep Sea Challenge 3D and more this spring with new state-of-the-art digital 4K projection, screen, sound and seating.

The Rosa Parks Bus

Learn about our restoration of the bus on which Rosa Parks sat that day in 1955, transforming it from a discarded relic in an Alabama field to one of the most popular artifacts in Henry Ford Museum.

Think Differently Through STEM

Stimulate your students’ critical-thinking and problem-solving skills when you visit exhibits like Made in America, Dymaxion House, Driving America and Heroes of the Sky.

Votes for Women

Early activists on both sides of the suffrage debate used bold measures, including organizing demonstrations, and printing pamphlets, postcards, and posters to rally support for their cause.

The Wright Flyer

In a flight lasting only 12 seconds and covering just 120 feet, Orville did what men and women had only dreamed of doing for centuries, he flew.

Special Offer for Fall Field Trips

Enhance your lesson plans with learn-by-doing experiences in authentic, real-world environments. Plus, add a FREE train ride when you visit Greenfield Village through October 31.

Meet the Most Remarkable Robots

When you choose" Robots 3D" for Teacher’s Choice at the Giant Screen Experience, your students can explore the labs where researchers are putting robots through their paces.

Science As Sport

Through his science- and technology-focused organization FIRST, inventor Dean Kamen empowers young innovators to pursue their passions by teaching teamwork, cooperation, and professionalism.

And the Awards Go To…

Twenty of the most bold and inspiring teachers in the United States. Congratulations to the 2016 winners of The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation's Teacher Innovator Awards.

Educator Exclusive: 25% Off Membership

Teachers save big on membership at The Henry Ford. Call 313.982.6001 to get started.

Physics Playground

When we learn about the natural physical forces of our world - gravity, velocity and resistance - it's not usually in someone's backyard.

Build Field Trip Excitement

Inspire a new generation of dreamers and doers with a trip to the set of The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation. When you book, we’ll send a copy of season 1 on DVD to help your students prepare for their adventure.

Playful Polymers

Ask your students to imagine what they could create with a substance that can be rubbery, sticky or hard. If they can dream it, they can make it with polymers.