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Just Added to Our Digital Collections: Glass Plate Negatives

April 30, 2015


It frequently happens that we find mysteries in our collections, just waiting to be unlocked.  This is the case for a series of about 200 glass plate negatives, which were found in a Highland Park, Michigan, house and eventually donated to The Henry Ford in 2012. The negatives mostly depict scenes from the Ford Motor Company Highland Park and Rouge plants, and seem to fill a gap in our collection of material created by the Ford Motor Company Photographic Department. However, there are some outliers in the group that could certainly use context, such as the barefoot girl posing for a portrait, or the children sitting in a mule-drawn carriage. If these images or the snowy scene depicted here pique your interest as a history detective, check out all the digitized negatives on our collections website, and let us know what you recognize.

Ellice Engdahl is Digital Collections & Content Manager at The Henry Ford.

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